Re: contract?


Haven’t seen Phil’s blog, but I am aware of his feelings. He spent 14 months as a DA and brings up the point that a fair portion of the good returning staff got their start in the kitchen.
In the logistics end where I am, I can see the problems of cutting off that source of new people. We have an archaic computer program to keep track of everything down here. It works good but is a nightmare to learn. New employees coming down in October often find themselves still not understanding more than the basics by the time December rolls around. Many DAs come down one time for the experience, but many want to stay on. You oftentimes find DAs(and janitors and GAs) coming in on their own time to learn the inventory program. When they come back they are a step ahead of the new employees.  Not to mention the fact that they have no illusions about what life is like down here. If you can be a DA you shouldn’t have a problem sitting in a warehouse inventorying nuts and bolts.