Re: contract?


Mel —
From what I understand, everything will remain status quo this summer.  I don’t believe the Kiwis are ready to take over just yet.  Stay the course.
Sorry about your bodily fluids going missing.  Hope they don’t fall into the hands of an amateur cloner. 
If they were sent to LabCorp like they were supposed to have been, then it’s either their fault, or the delivery company’s fault.  Either way,  you’re probably going to have to redo your labs.  Hope your red blood cells have replenished themselves.
I assume you’re in contact with Medical.  They’ll tell you exactly what you need to do.
I remember jumping out of a plane a couple of times, way back in 1979-80.  After that second jump, I decided I’d much rather be the pilot than the jumper, so I got my pilot’s license.
Keep you chin up.