Re: couple of ??


>so many questions so little time

Know what you mean. You can plug your computer into the network, but it does have to be checked over first (in Denver or Chch) to make sure you have antivirus and similar stuff installed. The network is also used for all sorts of scientific data, and the FBI has been involved more than once in hacking cases on unprotected science computers, latest incident last summer.

There is also a wireless network in summer camp where you probably will be living, so keep that in mind, if you don’t have wi-fi now you might want to buy a PC card (no network plugins out there).

Bring your razor…or grow a beard. They sell razors in the store, as well as non-aerosol Uncle Tom’s shaving cream, which I personally hate.

Bring a Leatherman or similar stuff if you’re used to having it at hand, but don’t overburden yourself with tools, after all there are lots of tools around to use on the job and otherwise. Think about bringing things that might be less common like audio adapter plugs, mini USB cables for your camera, a set of rechargeable batteries and charger (if you have something that uses batteries) etc. If you don’t need them, a friend may need to borrow them. You said you were there for the summer only but that doesn’t mean that a small mag lite or similar flashlight won’t come in handy.

The word “skua” is pronounced SKOOOO-a where the first syllable rhymes with “shoe.” The only place it is pronounced “skwa” is in that horrible Susan Sarandon movie about Pole and Jerri Nielsen’s medevac a few years ago. I hope you get an opportunity to watch that movie on station with other Polies to get the full flavor. Oh yeah, there is lots of stuff to skua…unless you have long legs, long arms and big feet like me 🙂