Re: couple of ??


Hey, Cooter —
What part of AR you from?
No, Glenn’s not at the Pole – in fact, he’s not even really IN Antarctica – he’s at Palmer, waaaaay up in the Banana Belt.  🙂
There are alot of us that shoot Canons down here.  Our favorite place to order from is B&H Photo, in New York.  They’re great about shipping stuff down here.  I’m waiting on a new 30D, myself.  They MAY have external battery packs, but I’ve never really looked for them. 
If you’re going to Pole, listen to what Glenn advises.  He has ‘visited’ there before.  😉  If you were staying in McMurdo, then an external pack isn’t really necessary.
Enjoy your flight down, and remember – We’re all here, because we’re not all there.