Re: couple of ??


well i got an email from travel dept. leaving for denver on 17th. guess i can stop worrying about that part of it now. also i done a litte research on the Aairlines website and it turns out you are allowed your regular carry on and one personal item as long as the personal item is not over 36 linear inches.(in case anyone else was wondering).
i’m from clarksville ar. its about 50 miles east of  ft. smith. its gonna be REAL nice to get away from this place for a month or twelve. where’re all you guys from??
i got a gig of memory with my camera……that gonna be enough to keep from being a pain or should i get more. i plan on taking a LOT of pictures…(easy to plan from this here recliner though, might be different once i get down there)
and just for the record this forum is about on the level with a valium and a six pack as far as anxiety relief goes. thanks