Re: couple of ??


We learned something new at our checkin at the CDC yesterday.
They have changed the rules for the military flight down. On the comercial flight you get a carry on and a personal item, but not on the military flight. You only get one carry-on and your laptop has to go in it. Keep that in mind when you pack. You also need to be able to put your street clothing and shoes in there as well. The carry on has to fit in a box that is about 30 inches by 10 inches. That is just a guess on the size. Somebody else might have the exact dimensions.
A gig of memory will be fine. I wasn’t aware the computers at the pole burn DVD’s that’s cool. McMurdo isn’t there yet. They have DVD readers but not burners. There are a couple of computers that have card readers built into them. My one at work doesn’t so I’m bringing down a reader to plug into the computer there.
And Glenn while you technically have snow. You are above the Antarctic Circle, Just like Denver.