Re: crazy winter-overs


We are having another huge construction year going on this year. Two big projects. In the past we’ve had a power plant and a water plant. The fear was always if we had a fire in either building we would lose all the water or all the power. They have redesigned things so that half the water plant will become power and visa versa. This year they are doing the water plant. They’ve ripped out one of the RO units and are putting in a couple of huge generators.
The other big project is the LDB (Long duration balloon) facility. Over the years the LDB project has become more and more a central part of the science here. The wind currents flow in a perfect circle around Antarctica every December. They can put a satelite payload under a giant balloon and send it up to100,000 to 200,000 feet . It collects data just like a rocket launched satelite, but for a fraction of the cost. A week later the winds will bring the balloon back over McMurdo. They fire a charge and the whole science package floats back to earth on a parachute.
For years they’ve operated out of a rinky dink building at Willy Field. This year they are building several large buildings on sleds that can be towed out to where ever they are needed. Maybe I’ll put up some photos’.
It’s Sunday morning now. Still no wild Saturday night parties. Scott base had an invitation only party last night, but from the looks of the participants it was a dress-up affair.