Re: crazy winter-overs


Hi, Rick!

Mike's right – depending on the position you are considering, recent
knee surgery doesn't automatically preclude a PQ. I had an operation
on my knee last May & went to the ice in October.

If interested in pursuing it, I'd suggest asking your orthopedist to
write a letter stating the reason for the operation, what was done,
the current status of your knee, projected condition at time of
deployment, and any expected restrictions or limitations. That should
be enough to clear you for most desk or non-physical jobs.

Good luck!


MN-Sparky said:

> I would like to have been able to return to the Ice this next summer
> but since a DR spent some time trimming on my knee this last year it
> will be another year before I would clear medical. So hopefully by
> that time I will be able to return.
> Have a great season,
> Rick