Re: Dining Room Attendant


Scott, Hunter & all you other Winfly DA’s,
Congrats on getting the Winfly positions (Hunter, I’m glad you decided to take it this time)… Mike is pretty right-on with what to bring.  My advice is to bring fun colorful stuff. If you have a goofy Hawain shirt, bring that, etc.  At work you will have blue shirts and black pants, and when you’re out in the cold, you get your red parka and all that other ECW.  Hat’s are the most distinguishing part, so bring your own hat, so that people can recognize you out in the cold. 
My good friend LaVonne (who was a DA last year) will be the lead DA for Winfly, and will be training you guys.  At main body, she will be switching jobs…  You’ll love working with her, she’s a great lady (I just saw her last week in San Fran).
Good luck on getting everything figured out…