Re: Dining Room Attendant


I’ll make the list later, but while I’m thinking about it the subject of shoes bears some merit. What not to bring are steel toe shoes. Because of luggage weight restrictions, I think it’s best to wear your heaviest shoes on the airplane and use the weight you save for other items. Steel toe shoes will set off every metal detector in every airport, from here to kingdom come. Not to mention that the steel gets very cold and will freeze your toes if you are outdoors for any length of time
I try to by hiking shoes that have some padding in them. They tend to be a little bit warmer.The soles should have some kind of tread, but beware of very hard soles. They can be slippery on ice. The softer soles grip better but will wear down fast on the volcanic rock of McM.
If you don’t send down the right shirts, it’s no big deal because the store has plenty of shirts to buy, both long and short sleeved. Shoes are another matter. None for sale.If your shoes fall apart by the end of the season, what do you do?. Best to have a spare pair.
just a thought