Re: Doomed Expedition to the South Pole, 1912


I think the expedition you are referring to is the one by Robert Scott to be the first man to reach the south pole.  His base of operations was Cape Evans about 15 miles from us here at McMurdo. As he and his crew headed off to the pole he laid a series of food and supply caches along the way. At the same time he was making his way, another explorer, Admundson, from Norway was also making the attempt. Scott finally made it to the pole, only to find a tent and note from Admundson. On the return trip, 11 miles from their food cache they got caught in a storm and died.
Scott’s hut at Cape Evans stands pretty much today as did when it was abandoned at the turn of the century. The food and supplies are still there as if the men are planning to return. It’s an awe inspiring trip to get to go visit.
After he died,  Scotts crew that remained at the hut built a giant cross and erected it on top of Observation Hill near the present day Mcmurdo. It’s getting kind of dark now but around noon our time use the remote control webcam that you find on the front page of this site to look at the hill on the far left of the panorama photo. Zoom in on the top of the hill and you can see the cross that still stands today.