We had an IRLP link a few years ago, but it was taken out due to lack of a server and people to maintain it. We are transient as a whole and you can’t count on the same people coming back year after year. That being said we are petitioning to reinstall it. One problem if we can get approval to hook to the net, The original cards are gone, so we will probably have to buy another. Look to the end of the january or so before we find out one way or another.
We have a couple of other problems dealing with bandwith. McMurdo get’s the equivelent of a T1 connection. Something like dsl. From there half is allocated to gov programs and the phone system. The remaining amount is split with however many people get on at once. In the summer up to hundreds. Imagine 400 people trying to use your dsl line at once. Anyway sometimes there isn’t enough bandwith to support the IRLP. It will crackle and drop out when that happens. In slow times it works fine.