Re: Finally get to go to Antarctica


….in regards to the Halloween costume, I recommend that you just carry it with you.  If you send it down, there’s a chance that it won’t get there before the big party.  You want to have a good costume for the party.  Good job getting the camera & suit jacket.
As for flying stuff…. American Airlines is what Raytheon uses.  I have a special situation (that many Ice people have, actually), in which American Airlines doesn’t fly to my home airport.  So, sometimes they fly me on United, and sometimes on Delta.  But that’s only for the flight to Denver, after that it’s American Airlines….. which will actually be Quantas for the overseas flight, but you’ll get American Airlines Frequent Flyer points.  If you don’t already have an American Airlines FF#, get one soon!  And if you already have one, give it to the travel person right away when she calls (I emailed it to her, AND told it to her over the phone).  American Airlines can be weird about not giving you the miles later. 
So, I’m going to Denver on the 28th, and am due on the Ice for second flight on the 4th.  I guess the LAX-AUK flight was filled up, so I’ll be flying through Sydney.  Anyone else going through Sydney?  That’s a 14.5 hr flight instead of 12.  Yuck.  Anyone else leaving on the 28th?