Re: Finally get to go to Antarctica


In New Zealand the program is very well organized. When you get there, you
will be give some cash and brought to your hotel. You will probably find
other Ice people are staying at your hotel. Cheech is an awesome place. If
you have time, check out the Botanical Gardens, Baileys bar (where a lot of
Ice people meet) and my favorite, the Bog Irish bar for great Irish music:)
Don't be hung over getting on the plane though. You may get lucky and get to
spend more time in Christchurch than expected if the weather is bad in
Mactown. Relax and enjoy the experience. There's nothing like getting off
the plane for the first time in Antarctica. Have a great time.

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>I just finished my PQ process….had to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Medical
>said my medical was pq'd…just waiting on the fax for my wisdom teeth to
>get the dental pq'd. I did fax the paper today and they said I should hear
>something on Monday. I'm really excited about getting the opportunity to
>go. I was offered a Primary Janitor position..I was told I'll leave for
>Denver on Oct 4th, then leave for NZ on the 6th…then to Mcmurdo on the
>8th or 10th. What can I expect? When I go to Denver and Christchurch will
>they pay for hotel, food, etc…how does that work? What will orientation
>be like in Denver? When I get to NZ what can I expect. Anyone have a
>packing list, or know what items I should bring and what items I should
>leave at home, I heard I can only pack about 50lbs cause when my ecw gear
>is added that will add another 25lbs. So I have to fit 4 months of stuff
>into 50lbs??? Thanks to everyone for you help along the way…I've been
>wanting this for 3 years now!
>Dayton, Ohio

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