Re: Finally get to go to Antarctica


Jeff the process is this
You leave for Denver. When you arrive use the ticket given to you for a free shuttle trip to the hotel.
There should be lots of Ice people at the hotel. I just got my intinerary today. I’m leaving the 30th of Sept so will be right ahead of you.
Once at the hotel there should be lots of people to shepard you.
The next morning be up early and eat breakfast at the hotel. You will be shuttled to the Raytheon office around 7am.
You endure a day of safety training and orientation with a lunch provided.
While there you should get cash in the form of travelers checks to pay for incidentals and hotel expenses in Cheech.
Go back to the hotel late in the afternoon. Have a nice dinner. Hang out with everyone at the bar and be ready to go the next morn.
Sometime around noon the shuttle will pick you up and bring you to the airport. The flight leaves at 5 but you need time to get through security
Fly to LA. Go out of the american terminal. Turn left and go to the Bradley international terminal. Do this as quick as possible as there are lots
of delays. Best to stay with the group. Sometimes the whole group can jump to the head of the line if running out of time.
The flight to NZ is 12 hours or so. Try to get at least 6 hours sleep if you can. Buy a set of noise canceling headphones and use
those to watch the movies. They are much nicer. Ask for an Aisle seat so you can get up and walk around without climbing
over sleeping neighbors.
At Aukland you retrieve your bags, go through customs and recheck your bags to cheech. Walk
out of the international terminal to the domestic terminal. Meet with friends at the little resturant and wait for your flight.
When you arrive at Cheech. LeeAnn Stringer will meet the group. She will be in a booth in the lobby that has the
Antarctic program sign. She hands your hotel info. From here it varies from year to year. You may go right to the CDC to get your clothing
or you may be allowed to go straight to the hotel and then do your clothing the next day. I don’t know which it is this year.
Again best to stick with someone who has been through the process.
All info is usually given to the hotel you are staying at so they can help arrange shuttles.
Any time in cheech should be used to your advantage. Stick with old timers for help.