Re: Finally get to go to Antarctica


Jeff —
One big, important thing to know, is that when you arrive at LAX, and you go from the American terminal over to the Int’l Terminal, you will be required to check-in at the QANTAS counter, regardless of whether you have an AA-issued boarding pass for them, or not. 
The reason for this is that the AA computer system doesn’t talk directly to the QF computer system, so your passport, and bag tag information, isn’t automatically transferred.
Because this is an international flight, QF has to re-enter this data, and give you one of their boarding passes. 
Also, get something to eat BEFORE you go through security.  The Bradley International Terminal is the most barren and desolate international terminal I’ve ever been in.  However, there’s some decent eats on the mezannine.  If you don’t heed this advice, you’ll be paying $7 for a hot dog, small drink, and a crushed bag of chips.
Trust me.
Plus, if things are the same as Winfly, you’ll get TWO nights in Denver, and TWO nights in CHC.  That was sweet…
And they’ll be throwing money at you right and left.  If you’re frugal, you’ll have some extra spending money.
Have a good time.  See you soon.