Re: fire dept.


You know I’ve said this before but the best way is to go to the Job Fair. It’s the only way that you can meet the people who do the hiring and get a name of someone to keep in touch with. Outside of that go to and follow the job links to apply.
As far as firefighters go. It sometimes can be one of those jobs that are hard to fill with experienced people. If you’ve been with a dept for enough years to get seniority, it’s hard to loose it all to fulfill a whim to go off to Antarctica. Some depts are foregiving and will give a leave of absense once, but I don’t think that is the rule. As a result in some years they go to the acadamies and hire relatively inexperienced but trained youngsters. There are also some people hired on out of volunteer fire depts.
I’d still say that if you are experienced and can leave your current position, go to the Job Fair in Denver. I think I read on the website that it is being held in April.
The year we went, we took a Greyhound bus on a 24 hour trip from Southern California to Denver. It was a miserable trip both ways, but I had several people who gave me their phone numbers to keep in touch with them.
good luck