Re: First Timer


Hey, I haven’t checked here for a few days. We have another new person coming in. I’m with Zondra that if you are remotely into photography you will want a good camera. I have the old Nikon coolpix 5000. It has always worked well but the batteries go dead pretty quick. In order to change the batteries I have to remove the tripod attachment, something very difficult with gloves. A couple of years ago I bought and external 6v battery pack from a local camera store. It worked great. I stored the battery inside my coat and ran the wire out through my sleeve to the power plug on the camera. It never ran out of juice. Sadly it was lithium ion and bit the dust this year, but I would buy one again.
There are a lot of the big new Nikon DSLR’s around. They seem to work fine.
As to the rest. read the old posts and then come back with questions. AS SOON as you PQ and sign the contract start mailing down priorty mail envelopes with the most important stuff. They will sometimes get through when larger package mail doesn’t.