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I managed to get some fairly decent pictures with a 5mp Cannon digital Elph.  The auroras were a bit grainy, but they were still nice looking.  I would recommend getting something like the A620 that has a bit more manual adjustment though.  The tripod, lots of extra batteries and a bunch of hand warmers strapped to the outside of the camera (the LCD screen is particularly susceptible to freezing and cracking, which happened to a friend of mine) were all I truly needed for decent outdoors photos, but I did find myself wishing for an SLR on several occasions through the winter.  I just upgraded, so next time I make it down to McMurdo I will be all set.
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Thanks for the camera tips Zondra.  I read somewhere that 30 second exposure is about the minimum for good night shots.  I’m not sure I can afford a dSLR, but I’ll see what I can find.  It sounds like an external shutter release is nice along with the external battery pack.  Are there other models that people seem pretty happy with in the winter?  I’ve got a point and shoot camera but I don’t know much about the bigger ones.  That’s good to hear about the shared drive.  Should make sharing pretty easy.  Are you wintering this year?  How about you Atlas?

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