Re: First Timer


Thanks for the tips Keith.  I went ahead and bit the bullet on a dSLR and I think I will be pretty happy with it.  I’ve already got a little camera for casual pictures so I should be set now.  However, I did the pulmonary function test today and the tech said that the report shows a “mild obstruction defect”  or something.  He said it was really minor and all of my other numbers were better than predicted.  Does anyone know what Raytheon is looking for with this test?  I had very mild asthma back in the day (like ten+ years ago) and haven’t come close to having any symptoms since then (even living in VERY polluted cities).  I’m just frustrated cuz i could go run ten miles right now no problem.  I think my LEGS would give out first! 
I bought the camera just before taking the test haha.  Perhaps I should have waited.  Any insight?