Re: First Timer


Hope that you bought a Nikon.  They are very tough and hold up well in the cold.  Of course at a 100 below nothing holds up for long so choose your shots well.  Hope that your camera is fully manual and has a bulb setting (a must) with a shutter release.  As far as condensation buy a sea bag the kind you use when kayaking.  If you want to see your pictures right away take the disk out.  Must have equipment: laptop, tripod, charger, rechargeable batteries, lens range 18mm to 300mm.  In the winter a fish eye does not work well but is good for some pictures in the summer.  And if Mike is still doing the Winter adventures, go on them all because that is when you get that good outdoor winter over shot.  Besides how many places on this earth can you build your own snow block outdoor movie theater with an aurora in the background.  Of course, have fun.