Re: FNG advice on what to bring


Eric, do not overload, its the one thing everyone does on their first trip down. Clothes will be available in Skua, bring maybe a few changes for teh first week but most jobs are such that you can wear the same things for a few days before anyone take offense to the smells, and thats coming from a plumber. Take some casual clothes for special occasions but mostly its comfortable work wear for the most part. T-shirts and jeans work well for almost everything but I would suggest getting some silk thermals also before heading down as they really make a huge difference on the really cold days and they weigh nearly nothing. Almost everyone brings too many clothes and fills Skua up more or ships them home when they see that they will never use them all so just think about 6 changes at most as laundy machines will be easy to get when things settle down and its less weight on your shoulders on the way down.
Rooms have two wardrobes and a small dresser in each. I think the winter over rooms have two dressers but there were rumours of doubling up for this winter to save heat costs. Carpeting in all rooms but some are colder and some hotter depending on what floor and how close to the corners they are. Make sure to bring at least 1 hoody with you as tey are most useful there for walking around when its not cold enough for big red but too cold for a t-shirt.