Re: FNG advice on what to bring


Howdy, Eric —
Congratulations!  I was wondering who the winterover SysAdmin was going to be.
I’m Atlas – I’ll be wintering with you.  Not in the same office, but in the same department.  There’ll only be eight of us in IT this winter.  Down by about a third.
As far as what to bring – well, what would make you comfortable? 
Room-wise, I like to have my own sheets, pillow, mattress pad, and comforter.  I also like to use Christmas lights for illumination. 
As far as toys – iPod, laptop, game console, camera, external hard drive, etc. 
Clothing – You’ll get all the cold-weather gear you’ll need, issued in Christchurch, but I like to have some of my own stuff, too.  Buy a good pair of sturdy boots, and bring a pair of tennis shoes (as well as workout clothing).  You might want to think about a jacket/pants/tie/dress shoe thing for the big, mid-winter dinner, too.
Think about bringing down an assortment of vitamins, too, and any kind of supplements you may need/want.
And most importantly, bring a good attitude, and work-ethic.  Ain’t nothing worse than a bitchin’ slacker.
Read through previous posts, regardless of the subject.  There’s alot of great info in these pages.  Many FNGs have come here for guidance, and support.
And since you already used the term ‘FNG’, I’ll assume you know what it means.  🙂
Take care, Eric.  I’ll pass on more as I think of it.
Oh, BTW, as a winterover, you’ll get a baggage allowance of about 140 lbs., and receive airline vouchers for excess baggage.  If you don’t want to carrry all of it with you, mail the stuff to yourself ahead of time.  It’ll be safely stored in our Mailroom.