Re: FNG advice on what to bring


Don’t forget to pack some nice dress up clothes for the mid winter dinner. It is a very definately dressy event. Tuxes and suits. Or black pants nice shirt etc. Lots of slinky black dresses on the girls. While you don’t have to dress up, you’ll feel out of place in your carhardts. On the camera end batteries are the single biggest complaint of new people. Your batteries will die in a few minutes at 40 below. Buy lots of batteries and keep them warm by storing the extras in an inside pocket. I once had a battery pack that put out 6 volts. I could keep it in my pocket and run a wire to the power jack on the camera. If you video, the up and coming thing is to have a film festival each year. All the computers have windows movie maker. It’s fun to participate.
Bring down your hobby stuff , this might be the year it’s more important as there won’t be rec team for the winter. Most years I bring things and never use them, but they are nice to have. Start mailing everything now and it may be here when you arrive.
Bring sarongs or fancy pieces of cloth to hang on your walls. It makes it feel less like a dorm room. Bring a laptop an as many hard drives as you can handle. Bring music ,all the digital music you can. IT, which I assume will include you prohibits the downloading of media files. It would not look good to be firing someone else while you are doing the same thing.
On that note a recent past time has been for people to bring down theme videos. Complete seasons of shows. They invite their friends to a nice wine and video night in their rooms or lounges. Projection  TVdevices that let you show videos on a wall through your laptop are especially nice.