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If you are interested in doing any outdoor photography be sure to bring a sturdy, but not too expensive tripod and extra batteries for you camera.  Also, some things to give your room a feeling of home – I didn’t bring anything and my room was a plain (boring) dorm room, which got old after a while.

anderson wrote:

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Hello everyone,

I have been reading this board for a few months now and thank you for making this one of my most valuable resources for information about working on the ice.

I finally received my paperwork for the IT systems administrator position at McMurdo this winter season. Now that I know i am coming down I wanted to know what things I should bring that are not listed in the deployment packet? What are the things you wished you had brought on your first season? What are the things that make life easier for the winter season? and what do FNGs usually bring that they really don’t need.

Also if anyone on here is working in IT at McMurdo drop me an email.

Thanks in advanced for your advice,

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