Re: For Mike Poole!!!!!!


Hi Mike:
Thank’s for the help. I can see the pictures and everything.  As for me coming back down, I really don’t know at this time. I would like too, but for some unknown reason, Raytheon has not communicated with me.  I have e-mailed them who knows how many times, called them, and sent my resume via e-mail and by post, applied for different jobs and have heard nothing from them, so I started to look for other jobs and wound up with the job that I’m at now.  I’m a assistant steam engineer in a power plant in eastern Washington.  Its not bad, but things could and should be better.  I guess this is what you get for a government job. 
Hope all is well with you and Lorie and you take care.
Until next time, be seeing you.
Bill  Wargo