Re: From The Website Review Magazine


Sorry about the canceled membership. I’m not sure how that happened. I initially meant to stop the daily messages. During the summer season here the dial up connections go to the science groups, but in the winter they give out some connections to the station support staff. They are not especially fast connections. It usually comes up at around 42kps but sometimes comes up as low as 20. Needless to say if can take a long time to read emails. Anyway you guys are back up. I put the banner that IR made about halfway down the welcome page  by the “Other Sites” with a link back to your site.
I’m not sure what you meant about my new location. I’ll be leaving here in October but plan on coming back next winter if I pass the physicals. So this site will be kept up. I have a couple of others that I don’t keep up anymore. I’m thinking of dropping them to gain some more storage space here. Take a look if you want.
Mostly they were places to dump photo’s a couple of years ago as we traveled.
The New Zealand photo’s are from when we spent time as volunteers in a National Park. Across America are photo’s of our drive from California to Delaware.