Re: Geocaching at McMurdo?


Hello Mike,
actually the TB is still in my hands after its return from Port Lockroy on the other site of the white continent.
I just have asked Kimber (probably you know her) what about using the Stargate cache network to transfer the TB to New Zealand or to the States. Unfortunately there is no gate at Cheech but near to the Airport is a TB hotel (GCMWF1)
At first I can imagine that someone who was travelling 14 hours and perhaps more does not have the mood to look for a cache in Cheech and second I think if you have got the chance to go to the Ice your thaughts are already there or you think about your family.
I have read in a book that it is sometimes not so easy to fly down due to bad weathercondiditions (Boomerang) and perhaps then there will be the time to have a look for the TB hotel.
So far  I have not took a decision whether to send the TB directly to a lucky woman or man who scheduled for the trip or trying the traditional way just cache by cache.
Best regards