Re: Geocaching at McMurdo?


Enrico, I’m part of the group that placed the geocache you are referring to. It’s called Goodview and is relatively easy to find. It also has a great view as the name implies 
Here is the Goodview link. 
The station management asked that we make sure it is in a place where nobody can get hurt searching for it. So anyone coming down with a GPS look for Enrico’s bug in Cheech and bring it down to Goodview. I’m supposed to be checking on it now and then, but it’s too darn cold  and dark to be out hiking too much in the winter.
I’m sure there are people with gps receivers coming down in August. If nobody finds  your bug then, I’ll be coming down again in October. Our only problem is that sometimes when traveling to Antarctica  we are only in Cheech overnight and may not have time to search out a local geocache.
For those of you who don’t know about Geocaches, It is a new up and coming hobby around the world. People hide boxes  all around the world and post  the GPS latitude and longitude coordinates on the  Geocaching website.  .
It’s a fun hobby. whenever you travel you look on the website to see if there is a geocache in your area. Then get your trusty GPS and see if you can find it. It’s an interesting way to see areas you would never normally see. Some geocaches are boxes of goodies, some are just photo ops. Enrico has a travel bug. The idea is you post where you want the travel bug to go and then whenever someone finds a cache with the travel bug in it, they get it and look  up the requested final destination on the website  and bring it with them, eventually dropping the bug  in another geocache closer to the requested location. Eventually the travelbug makes it way around the world. At anytime you can look on the website and see where it is.  Enrico where is your bug now?