Re: Getting ready for my first trip


There are lots of hints in the message boards. I’m running short of time so I can’t give the full list. Don is right you will probably bring too much cold weather gear. November and December are fairly warm and you will want some nice shoes and light jackets etc. figure around freezing or just a little over. Bring something really nice for the Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.
If you are a girl and like perfumes, oils etc. send down what you like, you won’t find a large selection of anything more than the basics here. Same with clothing. Think, going to the coffee house after work. You’ll want to have nice things to wear. Same goes for the guys. Colored jackets etc, help you stand out from the mass of red parkas.
Bring a digital camera. Even a cheap one if money is tight. It’s the best way of sharing your life with your family back home.
A small day pack for lugging things around is nice.
A laptop is nice but not needed as there are plenty of computers to use. The big problem is that if you want to get online at breaks and meals, expect long lines. No internet from your room, but you can log onto the net at the coffehouse. Get there early to avoid the crowds
I’ll let everyone else add more