Re: Getting ready for my first trip


If you are working in an office, bring more nice clothes, if in the field bring a few old clothes to wear out as coveralls, there is always Skua, a general depository for unwanted but still usabe items so you can usually supliment somewhat from there or from co-workers. If you like crafts, you may want to bring some satuff with you to pass the time, we have a good supply of books here in te library and in most lounges also for taking. Videos are ok and we have a growing collection of DVDs from people leaving them here when they re-deploy back north.
There are many things to do here, we have aeras to hang out in, we have Yoga classes, aerobics and weight gyms as well as a large gym for soccer, basketball or dodgeball, so if you want to use them, bring good running shoes, non-black soles for the big gym.
Rock climbing wall and cave, ceramics and various classes offered by trades for homeowners to gain a better knowledge of home maintenance. Arts and crafts shows during the season also and many gathering of discussion groups and lectures given by the scientists on station regarding their work and the early explorers on Antarctica.
Something for everyone to occupy their time with, I hope you have a great time on the ice.