Re: Glacier Restoration Log 6-9-2002


[font=Courier New:zckn0z5k]The USS/USCGC Icebreaker Glacier served many years opening the sea ice so the resupply ships could get to McMurdo.

A group was formed to preserve the Glacier as a living museum with the main subject “Polar Exploration”

The Glacier Society is active in promoting Antarctic education and preservation of polar history.

Volunteers do most of the restoration and maintenance.

 [/font:zckn0z5k]IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO SERVED:[font=Times New Roman:zckn0z5k][/font:zckn0z5k][font=Verdana, Arial:zckn0z5k]The Glacier exemplifies the best of America in action: military service personnel, scientists, and citizens working together with the government for a common good. She will serve as a major tourist attraction to Bridgeport, CT. While in port, she will house a museum honoring all men and women who have explored vast regions of the world and served for their country.[/font:zckn0z5k][font=Times New Roman:zckn0z5k][/font:zckn0z5k][font=Verdana, Arial:zckn0z5k]


Regards, Skua