Re: goin to the Ice in Oct!


You might give your recruiter a call and see about when the med packet will be sent. You will need to sign an offer letter before they can send the meds. The process should take a few weeks. You can make the appt. but the exam follows a multipage medical report form that is in the med package as well as a kit for the doctor to use in taking your blood tests.
Maybe explain this to your doctor and let them know if you don’t get the packet you will have to push back the date.
Bayside 209 are the only rooms in McM that have an unobstructive view of the ice shelf and the transantarctic mountains in the distance. It’s one of four dorms that are considered upper case. They are given out on a points system. The more months you’ve been on the ice and the higher your job rating the more points you have. It’s not likely that as a first year person you would get one of those rooms, but what the hey.