Re: Grey water recycling


Satin doll and Kevin
Satin doll, it sounds like you should also apply down here. Go to for info.
Prairie Dog
Spirits here are quite high. Of course the sun just went down a couple of days ago and we still have a lot of twilight in the afternoon. Winter is generally pretty nice. The pychological exams do a good job of weeding out the people who can’t handle the isolation and darkness. I’ve always liked theĀ  winter. The hard part for me is always Winfly in August when the new people come in. They’ve been traveling the world and bring in all the new viruses and where you had lots of space to yourself suddenly there are people everywhere again. By the time your contract ends most everyone can’t wait to leave.
Construction here or at the pole is usually hampered by the long logistics line to get supplies here. Because it can take so long to get something down here they are oftentimes forced to order parts before the final prints are approved. Most everything gets here, but if the vendors make an error and ship the wrong thing, it can be another year before replacements come in. Back home it would be an extra day so you could go to home depot and get the right item. Here it can be real problem. The work still has to get done and we scramble however we can. It can be a mental drag for tradespeople who aren’t expecting it. If you know what is coming it’s a little easier. Once down here follow the lead of the people who have been here before. This may be biased since I work in supply, but if you can find a good supply person who knows how to search the inventory data base well, they can be a godsend. Last year I worked in carp shop supply, but had a number of electricians calling me for help. Supply in general is pretty good at crossing work boundries to make your work easier.