Re: Grey water recycling


Hi Mike and Lorie,
All interesting points.
I’m glad that the sewage system has been upgraded there.
I remember reading that the sludge was being released into the ocean in the old system but I wasnt aware of how the new system worked.
The idea behind the earthship style wetlands are that they can be almost any size or shape and are installed in any available space ie one already existing and heated and near the point of supply. and built using  using available materials
I dont know what the potential problem with heavy metals is… I do know that in New Mexico, They have some interior wetlands that are tested by the state and the water output quality is very good. Research is ongoing….
As far as food production the only plant parts to contact the water are the roots.
In a home setup there is little risk of catching anything infectious.
My understanding is that the risk with greywater is if it were poured on the surface untreated as in some rural homes here, that there is a potential to spread hepatitis for instance.
I acknowledge that the treaty obligations might present some legal issues.
Hopefully I will get the opportunity to learn more by going down there…
Raytheon Polar services called me today about a job there.
I was out of course…:(
I am to call them tomorrow. I’m really excited about the prospect of going to work in Mactown or Pole.
I’d better get busy and finish my earthship…
Best wishes,
Prairie Dog.