Re: Grey water recycling


It sounds like you got a phone call from the program. If you do get an offer to work here my advise is to jump on it right away. Try to get the medical package as soon as possible. That is the one thing that can be a problem. Get your physical done by your doctor the moment you get the package. Since they test things things that you may never have had tested before, the chances are that something will pop up. It happens to almost everyonel. Maybe you iron levels were too low that day, or calcium too high etc. As with most tests you never take the results as gospel so they will ask you to retake any tests that fail. If you wait months before taking the initial exam you won’t have time for any retests. Good luck.
As far as contaminants in grey water. Nothing scientific here. I just remember reading a few years ago when I wanted to use dish and laundry water to water my garden, that grey water can sometimes harbor pollutants. Here for example the mechanics all have oil stained clothing and then there are welders and tradespeople etc. Washing removes the metal contaminants from the clothing. If the water is used for food then it’s possible for the contaminants to be picked up by the plants. I think that is the whole purpose of wetlands water recycling. The plants pick everything up.
Like I said nothing scientific. It’s just something I think I read years ago.
As far as space for plants. You’ll find out when you get here that there is no such thing as existing space. If any opens up it quickly gets filled with something else.
see you in October
mike in mcmurdo