Re: Grey water recycling


The 70lb limit is for summer personell. If you stay the winter you get an extra baggage allowance, presumably to cover the fact that you can’t have anything mailed to you for the next eight months. If you travel light make sure you start perusing the skua bins as soon as you get here. That is where the previous years people put all the 140 lbs of stuff they brought down last year and don’t want to carry it home now. Most of it is old ripped shirts and things but if you keep looking you will find lots of new items too. I don’t bring down any clothes anymore. Between what I’ve already got and what I pick up it covers my needs pretty well.
If you are here for the summer send down social things. A halloween costume is nice. Maybe a nice dress outfit for Christmas dinner. It’s not required but dressing up now and then with your friends is a nice change of pace. Some people will reserve hut 10 and cook food for their friends. Most of it you can get from the galley, but if are making something special like sushi etc, you might want to mail yourself some ingredients.
More later if you get hired. I’ll try to fill you in on what frustrates some of the tradespeople when they arrive. Maybe even find an electrician to write to .
mike in mcmurdo