We have a large video library so people are always showing movies. The rec dept has projectors so sometimes we will get together with friends and make our own theater. As for a theater like you would see at home the answer is no.
I’m not researching anything. I’m part of the base support staff in the logistics and supply dept. Mostly we just manage inventories. There have been some studies in the past on cold related illnesses. If you do a search on the internet for Polar T3 Syndrome you can read about it. Most of the time in the winter we are all healthy. Since the last plane left in February most of the bugs have run their course and we are now immune to them. That all changes in August with the arrival of the next plane. On it will be people who have been traveling all over the world and they bring all the bugs with them. Getting sick is something we can expect once they arrive. yuck.
If you ever come down in the summer it can get quite warm. There is about a 4 week period at the end of December where the temps stay above freezing. This year we had our warmest day ever on New Years day. It hit 50 degrees. It only lasted 2 days. It still wasn’t warm enough to melt the ice in front of Mcmurdo. That makes 2 years in a row that it didn’t melt. Thanks for the note