Re: Help a girl out

Big V

hi Jane
       it may not be too late for this upcoming summer season (october)–did you get business cards/names last year when you were at the job fair?  it not, do you know anyone that’s been down here before?  you need to be super pro-active in this and call people….every week.  you may think you’re bordering on being a stalker but you have to be persistant.  i tried for 5 years and it took that long for me to get a  dishwashing position.  although if i’d done what i did the 5th year the first year, i would have been down here alot sooner (job fair, weekly phone calls and emails).  i’d say start calling now, asking about primary but also alternate positions.  if you can at least get pq’d your chances greatly increase.  they’ll tell you they don’t have any positions but don’t beleive it.  
      chances are that you’re not going to get an office job your first year and although i would not recommend being a d.a. (dishwasher), it did get me down here….it totally sucks though.  dig back in your past too, think about the physically harder jobs you’ve had and push those–especially with G.A. or D.A. (they can be brutal).  The janitor positions may be a good way to go too….better than D.A. for sure.
       if you don’t have any manager names, call the raytheon number on the website, get an HR rep on the phone and ask him for names of different managers (janitors, d.a.’s, g.a.’s, etc.)–the only way your app/resume will get any attention is through managers–NOT HR.  also, read back on this message board–this message has basically been repeated over and over trying to help new folks get in and you’ll find alot of good info.
     good luck and also, it’s definately worth begging to get down here–i love it.
Big V