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Shelly, i happen to be in the fire dept down here, contact sharon digiacomo about the position[/font:wpwrxjl5]
her email is[/font:wpwrxjl5]
Chris [/font:wpwrxjl5]
Antarctic Fire Dept[/font:wpwrxjl5]

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[font=Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif:wpwrxjl5]From: [/font:wpwrxjl5][font=Arial, Helvetica, Sans Serif:wpwrxjl5]shelly[/font:wpwrxjl5]
I am wondering if and when you are notified for employment. I am a paramedic and I sent an application back in June of this year and we are now in November and I have not heard anything yet. My understanding is that I am not allowed to call directly and ask any questions. Does anyone have any information about the hiring process?  My bags are packed and ready to go. I hope I will get the opportunity to work with all of you soon. I cannot believe how beautiful it is there. Thank you for any information you can give me.

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