Re: Hey Mike!


Haven’t been to the Solomons. This year we hit Rarotonga. It’s a delightful little south pacific island that caters well to tourists.
We also went off the beaten track a little and visited Atiu and Aitutaki in to Cooks. Aitutaki is beautiful and while it doesn’t have as many amenities as Rarotonga it is still a nice stop.

Atiu doesn’t cater to tourists at all. There are no resturants. Not even a little stand to eat at. All your cooking is done at your accomodation. There are a couple of stores but since all the locals grow their own fresh foods there is almost nothing available for you.
That being said, if you are a comfortable traveler, the people are friendly and in a short period of time you’ll be one of the locals yourself.
It’s a trip back into time as it was one of the cannible islands. Take Jame’s tour to the burial caves. If I ever get my laptop hooked to the net I’ll post a few photos.