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what I would suggest is manually sending out the fourm messages and storing the e mail addresses of true memebers or active members in a non link style format.  Many sites are doing it now keeping address like “user[at]” and this cuts down, and some cases gets rid of all spam mail.  Most of the porn messages comes from a program that scans the web looking for sites with the link style format such as .  If you guys want more information or more technical infomation on how to rid this problem reply and I’ll help you guys out.[/font:wbrr1za5]

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We are trying our best to keep the porn messages off. A number of assistant managers are helping me out. Unfortunately the posters have no sense of decency. My options are to make it harder for people to post messages, but that would impact anyone who wants to ask questions. For now I’m going to try to delete messages as soon as they come up.

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