Re: Hi Mike & Lori


About the chats, I think I mentioned this earlier, but the time zone difference works against it. I get off of work at 530pm go to the galley for dinner for an hour. By the time I get settled down to relax it’s around 8pm at night. That put’s it at 1 in the morning for California and the west coast and 4 in the morning on the east coast of the US. For the most part there was never anyone around so I stopped doing it. The other problem is that we work 6 days a week so we have to cram all our “other” activities into a relatively short time period, so spending hours doing chats gets difficult. You can see by some of the photo albums that Clark and I stay pretty busy planning our Clark and Mike’s Adventures getting people out of McMurdo.It would be better for chats if I could get some people from here to help, but they are as busy as I amĀ . I’m not so sure I can get anyone to commit. We’ll just wait and see.