Re: Hotels and Housing


OG —
I think you’re going to be in for an eye-opening experience. 
First off, forget about all your experiences with the military.  Even the NYANG folk that come down here don’t salute one another.  No guns, no tanks, no Humvees, no barracks, no one shooting at you…
Around here, everyone is equal, and there is no line of demarkation between us.  Why, they even let men and women live together IN THE SAME ROOM, if they want to!   A big plus for the many couples that come down here.  🙂
Z is right – it’s more like college dorm life.  The worse thing you can do is to come down with a pre-conceived notion of the place.  Be open to the lifestyle we have here – it’s a very unique environment. 
Semper Gumby (always flexible).
See you this summer.