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[font=Arial:met3uxbi]Around here, everyone is equal, and there is no line of demarkation between us.[/font:met3uxbi]


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[font=Arial:met3uxbi]I must respectfully disagree on this point, Atlas.  After spending a lot of time with the military on the ice, there definitely seems to be quite a hard line drawn between them & the rest of the community.  I was criticized, questioned and warned about the amount of time I was seen with the boys in green.  I watched people repeatedly look away & walk by without a word when my friends greeted them on highway 1, then experienced it myself when I suddenly became invisible while sitting at a military table in the dining hall.  Even people willingly attending parties in their dorms displayed an attitude upon seeing me punch their lounge code & walk in, expressing that I was a little “too familiar” with being there.  Some people walked out of a party I had my first year, telling me they were uncomfortable with the number of military & coasties there.  I could go on with other examples of things which are done on the ice to make sure the military knows they are not welcome, but don’t want to ramble on excessively.  Suffice it to say that those who are not already hardened and bitter have their feelings hurt on a daily basis, and it is a very sad state of affairs when observed from the other side.  I wish all could be equal & unjudged, but it seems not even the ice is an escape from intentionally hurtful bias and prejudice.[/font:met3uxbi]