Re: Hotels and Housing


Kells, I’m the mick. Dub meself from the Green area at the end of Grafton Street. Love it still. As a newbie you are probably going to get MMI or Cal, some get 155 though and very few anywhere else. The place is great craic and its a great place to get to know people as you are stuck with them 24/7 in the same little space. Its big enough to hide away or be away from crowds but you know that nobody is ever too far away.
Erica sweetheart, how are ye? I got a few of those looks too last year as I enjoyed everyone there, always with some group or other, firefighters, military, beekers or whoever. I guess the accent helps. I think I heard its more a throwback from when brass made sure the mils stayed away from the civs and it gets more relaxed each year as more return and know each other.
See you guys soon I hope.