Re: Hotels and Housing


Erica —
When I wrote that I was referring to men and women being equal, with no line of demarkation.  I then went on to speak of how the military presence here isn’t really like a military presence anywhere else.  I didn’t mean to imply that there arent cliques, because there are.  During the summer, the military tends to stay with their own, as do the scientists, as do the PHI guys, as do the Galley staff, the IT staff, and on and on…
Personally, I get along great with the ANG and SFA, and I stay in contact with a number of them while they’re off-ice. 
Like any small town, one group will avoid other groups simply because they don’t really know them (and aren’t necessarily willing to put forth the effort to remedy that).  Of course, the military rotates its personnel in and out on a regular basis.  Sometimes, it’s difficult to get to know someone well who isn’t here long.  That works both ways, too.
I remember back in 1999-2000, when non-military personnel were banned from entering the ANG dorms.  Of course, it was a couple of ASA guys who screwed things up by ‘removing’ one of the computers that were located in their lounge, then hiding it in 155.  After that, relations were tense for a while.  I also remember some flights that came in from CHC one December, where freshies, and mail, were bumped so the ANG could get new TV/VCRs, and humidifiers.
Like Lucky said, things are getting better each year, and I’m proud to call some of the ANG people friends.  Tensions have eased on both sides, and it shows. 
Frankly, I’m looking forward to see the military down here again – they’re giving me a ride north…  🙂