Re: How did you guys find out about the job?


The Antarctic Program isn’t one of those places where a mechanic can earn 300,000 dollars¬† a year. For that I think you have to go somewhere where your life is on the line. In general the wages here will be slightly less than what you make in the states for the same job.
That being said, most people put far more money in the bank while working here than if they worked at home. You make the most if you don’t have home expenses back in the states. Here all your housing, food, electricity, gas etc are all free. It becomes money in your pocket, because it’s all things you would pay out of your salary back home. Like Glenn said, if you want a raise eat more.
It’s less lucrative if you have a house and family that you will still be paying for once you come to McM.
Many if not most of the people here have become debt free because of the program. You come here get amost everything you need free, take all your salary and pay off your bills the first year.