Re: I applied


Hi Jeff
Well I was showing your letter to one of my co-workers and dicussing what to tell you. I think both of us are in agreement that unless you have some very special skill that makes you stand out, it’s best if you go to the Annual Job Fair in Denver in April. If you are applying online, you are one of so many hundreds or thousands of people applying that could care less whether you get the job or not. If you have that burning desire to come down here, the best way to convey that feeling is in person. If the recruiters like you, they’ll let you keep in touch and that is the key to moving ahead of the rest. Granted there are plenty of people who get hired off the internet, but most everyone that gets hired after attending the job fair will say that it was worth it.
Back in 1999 when I first came down. I took a twenty-four hour bus trip to denver. I never got hired for the job I was applying for, but the person who was doing the hiring referred me on to my current boss. There is nothing like that personel contact.
If you don’t go to the fair, get back in touch if you get contacted. If you do go to the fair keep us informed of your progress.