Re: I booked my flight



I got the same e-mail from Waste-I am a returnee who was hoping to work there also! It appears tight this season. I am hoping to go back in my old job as janitor, so I’ve e-mailed that supervisor & am awaiting a return call. I did an excellent job according to my evals, & am still waiting!

My advice is to e-mail & call GA person once a week as that is probably the most diverse, fun job down there! The GAs were the coolest people!

I had a high paying job (here in Austin) & property to lease so I really had people just chomping at the bit for me to make a decision about when I was going to the Ice. I never lost hope, and you NEVER know what is going on in the minds of the hiring depts….just keep “acting as if” you’re going. I have my recently unpacked Ice suitcases sitting in my living room as a talisman that I am going back! And apparently, I am in the same situation I was last year: waiting!